Monday, March 26, 2012

The Gallery, Or Should I Say Museum Called Anthropologie!

View from above at the cash wrap, looking down, yes - that 's down, huge!         Painted vases!
This piece is around $6k, but you'd need 3 NYC apts walls to hold it! My new favorite thing; hanging artistic plates!
 Welcome to one of my favorite happy places on the planet; Anthropologie. New stores are popping up all over due to their incredible growth and sales, the latest on the Upper East Side in NYC located on Third / 72nd.  When I walked in I thought I was in a museum, or a the least a really large gallery. Once you go, you'll know. Most Anthro stores around the county are pretty artist and unique, but the New York ones are just insane, thus, I give you Third Ave.
I'm only posting a few photos now, many more to come but the huge, beautiful layout with incredible art everywhere is the perfect experience if you love art and fashion. The clothes and hand bags are art enough, but on the walls see many fine works by local and worldwide artists.  The prices are much more - well, a-lot more than say, Chelsea Art Passage at Barney's but still captivating to look at and get your gallery experience while shopping.  
I plan to try to get closer to these works to get the artists names, needed a ladder or something, maybe next time! Many more photos coming and if you are a regular reader you will see the Anthro fashion and art mix time and time again from different stores.
The smaller market store may not be as elaborate but none the less a sight to see, and purchase if you have the moola!  visit:

Tomorrow we visit Andy Warhol at Uniqlo!!!