Sunday, March 25, 2012

Contemporary Art Now at Barney's New York - I Give You The Chelsea Art Passage, 9th Floor!

 As if browsing the racks at Barney's New York were not enough, now you can view and buy affordable art, yes I said "affordable," thanks to Exhibition A.  On the 9th floor at the Madison Avenue flagship you can  walk to the right - into Fred's Dining or to the left and you'll hit the Chelsea Art Passage, which is one of my new favorite things.    
Upon entering you will see a curated gallery area where about a dozen prints hang, framed with purchasing info on the side.  Mixing art and fashion has never been so easy and so very appealing for shoppers and art lovers.  The prices are very, very affordable ($150-$300 approx for FRAMED!) and if you like contemporary art and want something new, look no further. 

Look at these amazing prices!

(I want #5 above and #9 above that.)

See a few of my favorite prints which include artists Spencer Sweeny, Rene Ricard, Max Snow and Lucien Smith, along with signed books from previous, gallery events.  (Further to the right, many amazing art and fashion books, new to classics!)  And, again just look at those perfect prices, new collectors rejoice!  The works are hanging now until April 16th, and I pray after that they do a new rotation. 

About: Exhibition A (, who brings us this new endeavour is a members only website (simply just sign up), that offers exclusive editions of works by prominent contemporary artists.  Founded by Bill Powers, Cynthia Rowley and Laura Martin, the gallery collaborates with some of the biggest names in art such as David LaChapelle and Richard Prince. (Speaking of which I hope Work of Art on Bravo returns soon.)

This is a perfect combination of contemporary, attainable art that may in fact be easier to acquire than the Louboutin's on the lower floors. Happy art shopping! Happy everything shopping!