Friday, March 16, 2012

Some Sort of Solitude by Tommy Taylor at Whitespace Gallery - Catch It Before It's Gone!

Ok, so these images don't have much to do with fashion, but art - oh yes. I posted them as I'm into something new of shooting "people looking at art."  Nothing groundbreaking but I like the silhouette like image I seemed to have captured here and will build on this.   These were taken at Whitespace Gallery, also while I was in Atlanta, GA. Again, you won't find much fashion there, that's pushing it, but some impressive art? Yes.
It goes without saying my favorite was the third one from the top, titled: Abenstee I, fashionable with a skull. Nothing more needed!  The rest was all much more detailed and winding, you could stare at these for hours and continue to find something new constantly.  I only wish I had the patience to do such detailed work!
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