Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Art of Beautiful Shoes - Stacy London at the Jean Michel Cazabat Shoe Event!

The one and only style icon Stacy London!
Another delight was meeting Leslie Gilbert and Ally Helmers from Style By Hire!
Stacy's Jean Michel Cazabat shoes, a true work of art here...
I saw this jewelry from across the room and had to get more info. The designer is the woman wearing the peices (below), Heidi Gardner, to learn more.  Of course, I gravitated to the high end skull pieces which she is wearing - also see the bold, alternative, edgy creations that will also ensure no one gets in your space on the subway.  

To the right and below on the right is Tereza Nemassanyi, Co-Founder & CEO of Honestly Now, a website that helps you make great decisions by getting you the answers you want to your burning questions, She is wearing the same shows as Stacy, different hue.


Jewelry designer, Heidi Gardner
Jean Michel Cazabat

What an wonderful event last week, attending the Stacy London / Jean-Michel Cazabat fall collection shopping event in the West Village.  The festivities took place at Jean-Michel's beautiful  flagship store at 350 Bleecker Street as guests were able to meet Stacy and Jean-Michel for personalized one-on-one styling for spring shoes. 

First, meeting Stacy was a huge highlight for me as I’ve been following her for years on TLC’s “What Not To Wear.”  Is she as warm, sincere and fun in person as on TV you ask?   Answer YES, 100%!   Her true warmth among admirers was apparent as she took time to speak and take photos with each guest.   The evening began as champagne was passed around and Stacy displayed samples of her favorite shoes that she handpicked as her “must haves” for spring and summer. I also was fortunate enough to speak with her about her company (formally launching 4/19/2012), Style For Hire, in which you can learn more at   Or,
Jean Michel Cazabat, the mastermind of the brand, seen in photos wearing a hot-pink blazer,  also spoke with the guests,  took photos and even signed shoes for some.  To my delight as an artist, his staff gave out a little bags with a print/drawing of his favorite shoe – hand signed!  Who doesn’t want a little piece of art signed by the designer himself?!  Again, priceless.