Saturday, April 21, 2012

Changing Pop Art Forever - Keith Haring Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, Don't Take My Word-GO SEE IT NOW!!

Art or Fashion?  This one's ART friends!  Next weeks posts will feature more on the blurry lines between art and fashion, such as Agnes B. photo printed clothing and Embroidery Art on original photographs from three amazing photographers / artists I found on
But first....
... I finally went to the Keith Haring exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum  last weekend "Keith Haring: 1978–1982"  and was blown away by the over 300 images during this time period.  Back in the early 80's as I discovered art (at the very young age I might add.), Andy Warhol was my unwavering favorite.  And Keith Haring, and Basquiat, and anything Studio 54...well you get it.   Going to the Pop Shop in the mid 90's here in the city was also a huge treat.  This exhibit brings back the true NY spirit of Haring and introduces one to the many facets of his work.  It was fascinating to watch the videos of him painting in what can only be described as a methodical trance.   The exhibit also showcases his notebooks, photographs, and subway drawings, random books as well as his friendship with artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf.  I took almost one hundred photos and without any type of flash in the museum (which is not allowed) and most came out ok.  Don't let this (and the many other blogs reporting on Haring), stop you from seeing the exhibit, I'm going back again - that's how great it is.  One of my most favorites was seeing the hand written and typed flyers Keith made for his art events and art calls.  Oh how I wish I had one of those original flyers now!  It shows how things were done in back in the day, with a genuine passion and perseverance minus all the computer fluff.  Once you go, you'll know!
The many "art call" and club flyers Haring hand made that I speak of below....
If I found one of these it would be in a vault!


One of my most favorite images of Haring and Basquiat....

Just happened to catch this at the right time - get it... the heart, love...?
I met these guys on the way out... I saw this Basquiat shirt and had to stop him for a photo. Name; Jean Paul Fontanta who is a designer and made this amazing coat (that you can't see), but trust me, look at his info below.  I didn't get his friends' name but both were kind enough to let me snap a couple images, again sorry folks - no flash in museum so I hope you can see how fresh the style is.  His designs were a "work of art" for sure! (See more at & on Instagram @fontanta_arte.)

 Keith Haring died on February 16, 1990 from complications from AIDS at the age of 31.