Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Art of the Shoe, Literally. Sam Edelman at Bloomingdale's, A Spring Shoe Event!

Join me on a little photo tour of the Sam Edelman Spring Shoe Event at Bloomingdale's 59th Street, won't you... "Is it art? Is it fashion," the daily blog's both. These shoes ARE a work of art. So there it is. Presto, now it's a mix of fashion & art....
The event took place last Thursday evening at the flagship location and featured prime shoe advice from Mr. Edelman and his staff, including the designers!  
Everyone can agree, comfort is key for the working woman dashing around the city, thus for spring I chose the "Nell" above, in black, of course.  A "normal" sized heel and lots of studs!  The designers said this was a best seller and of course, very comfy,  Mr. Edelman was very interested in what the ladies had to say in what they wanted in a shoe; "on trend, unique look, again, yes, comfortable" -oh and "affordable," which the brand is. 
You can't see it, but the cupcakes had shoes on them too....
Mr. Edleman signed shoe prints, which for an artists - this type of take home made me week, and month!
Designer Michelle Long and an Edelman associates...
A few of my other favorite pieces. Of course, polka dots!
And another of the famous signings!
This is one of my two that I was lucky enough to receive.
After being to the Affordable Art Fair and another art show, this is how you end up looking. It was a hard days night, but a ton of fun.  One of my favorite Bloomingdale's events for sure. Such an honor to not only meet Mr. Edelman but again, get these prints. My fellow art (& fashion), collectors are jealous indeed!