Monday, April 30, 2012

The Same But Very Different, Three Embroidery Artists Blend Art & Fashion

Art & Fashion together here in embroidery works of three amazing artists, Jose Romussi, (above & below), Maurizio Anzeri (further below) and Ausra Osipaviciute (bottom.) They each work with photography (and embroidery), to create a stunning mixed media pieces that blur the lines between art, fashion and style! Have a look....
 Chilean artist Jose Romussi (above), takes vintage black & white photograph of ballerina and saw over some colorful thread adding a playful touch to their frozen posture. If you like this kind of mixed media, you should also check the more complex work of  Maurizio Anzeri, below.

I love these works, a little creepy and a lot contemporary (to me) and 200% something I want on my walls.
Above, shot by Lithuanian photographer Ausra Osipaviciute and embroidered by Gintare Pasakarnyte.
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