Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in NYC, Let The Festivities Begin On Fifth Avenue!

Nothing beats NYC's Easter Parade down Fifth Avenue!  
Is it art? Is it fashion? Yes and yes.
The exceptional bonnets were a work of art and all on display with flowers, candy and anything else they could stuff in.  
Some looked like large planters, others like orchards, yes, they were that big!  I was not planning to go to Fifth Ave today, but did and stumbled upon all this, what fun!   
I shot most from behind for a better look, and it 
doesn't stop there, the outfit were completely decked out 
(as were peoples pets), in all their spring-time glory. 

If you want to see tons of really amazing pics check out this blog   It's like actually being there, my shots are nothing to compared to his as I arrived on the tail end of the event.
 Below are mine but check out Tom's! (link above.)  
You will love them!

Love the Dandy at Bendel's

 They were all showing off their baskets, yes, baskets....
 This is not a cake...

I want to be friends with these two.

Two bonnets in a shot - and the dogs, covered in candy....

Rock Center madness...

The Advanced Style ladies, I think.

Another Dandy....

Not sure where the real flowers end and her bonnet begins...

I'm guessing the pets weren't thrilled, but they were "stars."

Everyone who dressed in Easter attire was a celebrity today.  If you could get close enough - 
you got a great shot, otherwise you enjoyed your 
ice cream cone and got these below 
from a distance.  

Regardless friends, hope you had a nice Easter!