Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Minimal Art Display at Anthropologie Rock Center "Gallery"

A quick look today at a new gallery setting among us at Anthropologie Rock Center called Repossession by Italian artist, Marcantonio Malerba.  

I pop in an Anthro store at least four to five, (or ten), times a week throughout the city and the coveted Rock Center store always has a unique gallery setting that I rush to.  They usually combine some form of fashion with art but not always, like here.  Just full on contemporary art emerced in heavy design elements. 

My take?  Clean lines and crisp settings that make you think of what really happened here, hense the title "Repossession."  The minimal nature suggests all is gone, but beauty remains in the few delicate piece left in this "home."  That's my quick opinion, take a look....

More fashion and art mixes from Anthro are on the way from the Chelsea Market and Third Avenue, stay tuned.
This candle is sculpted directly into the table...

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