Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Walking On Warhol! There's Still Time At UNIQLO

Why is everyone walking over Warhol?  To get to the fabulous art t's!

For some reason I liked shooting images of the hustle and bustle over the Icon.....

 This is one that I bought  - top right....

It's truly still Andy's world, we're just living in it.

There's still time to get your Warhol T's for spring at Uniqlo's Flagship, located on Fifth & 53rd.  Word is they may not be around for too much longer and if you have a favorite Warhol painting, and want to wear it, you should head over soon.
This museum (MOMA)-like event is commemorate the 25th anniversary of pop art icon Andy Warhol's death.  Uniqlo released a limited edition of t's for men and women (yes, finally, women's cuts),  of the artist's finest works.  

I spent over an hour there the first day walking up and down the disco-like isle trying to figure it out which to purchase, (fact: he has been one of my favorite pop artists since the early 80's, middle school, when I began learning what art (and Studio 54 were.) I finally decided on the "POP ART IS FOR EVERYONE" w/the banana icon in the background and one with a  photo of Warhol and a skull, both black images on a white tee.)   This, since I love my skulls, (high end skulls that is), and this met the requirement.  

Beginning April 5th Uniqlo also began giving out a ticket to the MOMA with any two purchases (limited availability.)  And, a ticket to the MOMA is also a ticket to Ps.1 in my hood of Long Island City.

Yes, take a walk in on Andy and spend some time, like you are at the MOMA seeing his works, and pick up a few works of art, turned into fashion!