Monday, May 21, 2012

Happenings on the Lower East Side, Street Art, Stores, Neon & That Coach Bag!

One of the best ways for me to spend a free minute is scouring the Lower East Side for all the things I love so much.  Art, fashion, fashion inspired by art, art mixed with fashion, all with a tall helping of street art--and a neon sign in the window--any neon.  Well, think Tracey Emin's art, ( And, of course anything with a "well crafted skull" immediately gets my attention, but I couldn't take photos inside, next time perhaps...
Coming up next time: photos from Half Gallery /Bill Powers & Wes Lang's show.
Established in 2004, The Cast is a downtown New York based Men's/Women's clothing label and shop specializing in custom leather, denim, records, and vintage.  Find at 71 Orchard (bet. Broome & Grand),

A quick photo of another shop, that was closed but I'll be back this week to go inside and shoot pics as well. Again, well crafted skull = I'm there.

Loving the window and neon of course, Reformation is located at 156 Ludlow,

This is why we have the best street signs in the world!
YES! New Hanksy!  This one is located steps from Little Italy called Marty McFly. I wonder what is next as I attentively follow Hanky.  Some people are reluctant to call it art, but so what, who cares! It IS art, simple art, but still art, and it's fun.  Remember fun?  So it's not Hirst!  Just enjoy looking for them around the LES and Downtown.  He seems to create new ones regularly!
Spring is upon us.... You know how I love my graffiti trucks, one day a HUGE mega post with just these.
You still have time to catch DUFFY who shot some of the most famous rock photos ever, this one in particular (my favorite!) at Clic Gallery, 255 Centre Street, 12-7p.m. daily, show runs thru June 3rd.

I love the Pill.  Must learn more about him.
And now for Holton Rower's gigantic Pour Paintings at The Hole Gallery at 312 Bowery, The works sponsored by Dior Beauty are massive and a must see but act quick, you only have until May 26th.  (Word is Justin Bieber bought one, or should I say his "people" probably need to find investments, so they buy art for him to hang up in one of his massive homes. I could be wrong, "so what, who cares," I'm sure he barely knows what contemporary anything is, isn't he still like 12?)  But, it's all about the red dot, so that's a good thing.  I did ask the gallery person, he didn't know anything about it. But I do!

My favorite, because it looks like...anyone? A skull.  "A well crafted skull!"
While in the Hole bookstore I spotted this gentleman with that amazing artist Coach bag! It's a collaboration between Coach and James Nares that I so deeply want. It's the perfect art & fashion mix, literally, and the perfect size to lug around all of your things for the day, or two. I love when artists and brands do this, I just wish it were not $795.  Sure, it's far, far less than a James Nares painting, but still...I'm just an art blogger over here.  It's at the top of my wish list....*sign*