Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Like The Skull Culture In Art? Don't Miss Wes Lang's Here Comes The Sunshine at Half Gallery!

Enter Half Gallery for Wes Lang's "Here Comes The Sunshine" exhibit, on view through June 22, 2012.  I follow Half Gallery closely, and what especially brought me to the  show is, as you know, I love a "well crafted skull" - in jewelry, art, merchandise, you name it.  The pieces on display include a mega huge, canvas (below), and some smaller framed all with the same aesthetic and a Basquiat feel. A must see!
Artist Wes Lang
In this show, as described in Half Gallery's material (and better than I can convey), "Lang extrapolates from a diverse range of tributaries: tattoo flash, memento mori, Cholo signifiers, Basquiat's oil stick, Mike Kelley's 13 Seasons, Tao Te Ching. Competing influences here occasionally result in contradictory statements, a sort of paradoxical jamboree, where death is embraced - not as a hard stop - but as an eternal companion. It's a perspective from which simple phrases, by means of their repetition, can become something more than mantras." - Half Gallery
Bill Powers, Co-Founder of Half Gallery and star judge of Bravo's Work of Art; The Next Great Artist
Details above and below of Lang's giant sized, detailed piece....
Things just look more classic via Instagram!
Don't miss this one! Find Half Gallery at 208 Forsyth, Lower East Side off E. Houston. Visit: