Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mob Wives Art & Random Coolness in the City

Everyday in New York you can find mega-interesting are a few I found over the weekend.  I saw these guys in the beginning stages of a mural on the Lower East Side on off Stanton (around the block from The Meatball Shop.)  Of course, I had to run across the street in traffic to see what was going on. These gentlemen are from Criticall Massive, a company that does commissioned murals and this one is going to be an ad for Mob Wives.  Dave Scrobe (in white), says it should be done soon. I'll be back with more photos asap!  Check out the details....

Around the block on Stanton was an advertisement for Beck's beer that I really enjoyed. But, not being much of a drinker, I just noticed the art at first.  I was all over the "well crafted artistically done" skull and the theme.  The bright greens pulled me in right away....I'll go buy the beer now...they got me. Add successful.
Always nice on Instagram!
I shot of the New Museum windows, yep, I'm busy too but I always have time to photograph a summer art theme! These towels by artists such as Elizabeth Peyton are sold at the museums gift shop for around $90.

And how amazing is this, a huge sculpture off Lafayette in Soho called "Survival of Serena" by Carole Feuerman. You can see the actual drips on the body and tube as well, simply amazing.

Yep, it's hot....everything is melting. I think this is for a newspaper, found on 10th/W24rd near the Chelsea galleries....well done!
This gent is outside and slightly across the street from Ps.1 (MOMA) in Long Island City, right as you approach the 5 Points graffiti building.  Priceless!