Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo Highlights From PULSE! Part One...

A few photo highlights from PULSE Art Fair this past weekend and some of my favorite pieces at the local and international gallery displays. Coming up, my two sense in reviews, highlights from the Chelsea Gallery Walks over the weekend including Cindy Sherman, Sherpard Fairey, more Courtney Love, (Art) Amalgamated, Jason Bryant at of Porter Contemporary, Mike Weiss Gallery and Kehinde Wiley.  I know, I know everyone falls over all over Mr. Wiley. I may tell you why I did not. Maybe. Now, to the "day job" - more on all this wonderfulness later today and tomorrow!

Right: images Mike Weiss Gallery and below
You know I will show all the "skulls" first!
A bunch above from Jason Bryant / Porter Contemporary, one of my favorite galleries and artists!
My new friend Travis representing Inner Course Project, see more below....
Lady Fag & Travis of Inner Course Projects
Creating my piece at Inner Course with Tora Lopez & Rya Kleinpeter, of course you see the RED Chanel polish there right?
Inner Course Project....more on this soon & MY finished product!
Sample of David Lachappele and Courtney Love (below) from Fred Torres Collaborations....
Part II / much more on the way with my light reviews and scenes from all the Chelsea walks!