Wednesday, June 20, 2012

An Alley Packed With Cats! Hanksy At It Again With Will Ferrell Felines at Freeman's!

Summer street art is here and Hanksy is at it again!  This time with Will Ferrell Feline Cats.  All 13 are located in Freemans Alley, off Chrystie Street (near Rivington), in the L.E.S. The comedy icon’s mug is the latest celebrity face exploited by humorous street artist Hanksy, who placed several pieces with Ferrell’s head attached to a cat’s body in the alley. (Remember the recents; Ice Ice Baby with Vanilla Ice and of course Marty McFly?)  The pieces are entitled Ferrell Cats, yes, pun intended. One work even includes the faces of actor Colin Farrell and rapper/producer Pharrel alongside Ferrell’s for good measure. This little photo journey will take your through the alley to see them all! Let's begin....
And with Andy Warhol above, priceless!
Notice the Tim Hanks over the ear....thus "Hanksy"
On to the next with Pharrell....below you can see the size, they aren't much bigger than real alley packed with cats....
Love this one with the smirk...below, a view of the door this feline has taken over
Maybe one of the best, another Ron Bergundy smirk, priceless, you have to look close to spot this one...oh how I love this alley!
Below one left that is always burried behind the bikes of the restaurant workers...hard to get a good shot but still think it works!