Sunday, June 17, 2012

Finished Mob Wives Street Mural, Very Wise!

An addition to a post a couple weeks ago with the finished product....
These gentlemen are from Critical Massive, a company that does commissioned murals and this one is going to be/now is, an ad for Mob Wives.  (Find it off Stanton, around the corner from the heavenly Meatball Shop.)  Dave Scrobe (in white), said it would be finished soon, I went back a few days later and finally now am posting the update - see below...
Some serious detailing.....and the finished product:
The Instagram close up.... Killer detailing, no pun intended.  L.E.S. should be a mecca for new street art and murals this summer!
Next up, Peter Tunney's killer skulls-a complete studio tour (heavenly!) and lots from the recent Chelsea walk and more Chanel maybe....ya can't get enough Chanel in the art & fashion mix!