Monday, June 11, 2012

The Gallery Events You Missed...Chelsea Shows From Last Week:

A few shots from Cue Art Foundation as they present an Exhibition of 2011 Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant Program Recipients.  The show runs thru July 28, 2012 and features 15 recipients from various universities throughout the county. The MFA Grant Program was created in 1997 to assist painters and sculptures who are receiving their MFS degrees.
For more info visit Cue at 511 W25th
It was hot, hot, hot, maybe that's why this one stuck out to me. Or, that this oil is really well done.
Over to Tria Gallery, one of my favorites that never disappoints, Tria presented Ceci n'est pas une personne, Works bu L.A. Photographer M.A. Katcher.  This solo show was heavenly to me as they have a flavor of fashion and I love blurring my photography too.  Of course, I'm not nearly this good, but one can aspire...
Katcher moved to L.A. in 1989 where he first worked as a casting director on TV shows like The Wonder Years and #rd Rock From The Sun, later became VP of Casting at CBS. He worked on such hits as Everybody Loves Ramon and The King of Queens. I get the two confused, I used to think they were the same? He is still the talent guy of Creative Artists Agency, so if you are an actor in L.A. (here they are models, whatever), call this man. Kidding.  He was born in Brooklyn, college in Boston and around that time picked up his first camera...
I picked up the Instagram...
His titles are the best....I thought I was the only one who did this. See, I'm not crazy.
And now for a quick blurb on Endless Summer...feature post on this coming soon! Info, right in this pic...a must see.

Chocolates, a big pile of them, a favorite at another contemporary show. It was so hot, and so over the top contemporary I don't even remember the name.  But, I remember the chocolate. And, some of the fabulous city scape shots I got from their 9th floor.  
Next to Skin Deep at Studio 411, 526-W26th, (Studio 411).  This group exhibition was my favorite, especially after meeting artist Aaron Boldt. His works will be featured in a separate spotlight post too. The Chanel ones that I especially loved by Peter Glebo reminded me of Andy Warhol's cans, etc. I love anything Chanel and one day I hope to purchase one of these pieces...and the handbag, and a Chanel suit. And...
Yes, "that's me in the spotlight, losing my religion" in a perfume bottle.
Aaron Boldt (R), wait there's more...
Staging it for the camera! Much more of his work coming up!
More gallery highlights, magazines, yes! As the master of "The Fashion Newsstand" art, I enjoyed this!
Something else on a street sign...I always look out for these, with good reason!
Now on to ART NOW, - a packed to the gills event that was smoking with a DJ and fabulous art from wall to wall.   This was more of a party that a show, so I must go back and really look at the work thoroughly, but what I pushed people out of the way to see, or try to photography was hot.  
This event will run through mid July and is located at 548 W28th, 2nd floor. Some of the many talented artists include Niagara, Skinner, Apex, Jamel Shabazz, Peter Gronquist, John Felix Arnold III, James Charles, Stephanice Inagaki and many more.
Loving the piece in the background...
That's literally all I could shoot that evening. I'm going back!
Next week, well, this Thursday it will be a few shows in Soho, back to Chelsea over the weekend or next Thursday to report on all the happenings.  No huge shows there this week, so we hit the alternative, Soho & L.E.S.!