Sunday, June 10, 2012


Skip the Soho shopping (did I say that?) and come with me on a journey into the Chanel "Little black Jacket" exhibit. You won't soon forget it.  The event, which is hosted at 18 Wooster Street in Soho runs everyday until June 15, 2012 from 12-7 p.m.  Its intent is to celebrate Karl Lagerfeld's upcoming photobook titled "The Little Black Jacket; Chanel Classic Revisited."

The book features 113 portraits of fashion icons, celebrities, designers, the works such as Uma Thurman, Anna Wintour, Elle Fanning, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tilda Swinton, Linda Evangelista, Daphne Guinness and many, many more, all wearing the iconic jacket.  108 portraits are in displayed in this massive gallery space as everywhere you look there's a compelling photograph of a famous, beautiful person wearing the LBJ, all shot by Lagerfeld.  You can learn more about this exhibition by visiting the official website. I especially recommend watching the making of the jacket video.
The event is free as as you'll see by some of my photos, you may get to take home a special souvenir poster/print, ready for framing.  Again, key word: "complimentary."

Some photos are repetitive due to the way they were shot and a few are Instagram...Let the journey begin....we enter:
THIS is the mega entrance....and the books.  They are not yet released, however, you can pre-order at the exhibit, or wait for in October.
These are 50 feet tall, at least.  A wall of monochromatic prints, all of what you are about to see inside...
Enter to the main exhibit, (or stop downstairs first for the Yoko One film.)
Just a sample of "the great wall" - notice the scope of wall vs. person? HUGE!
 This is the mono-color section up the stairs....
Now, the posters. These below, are the stacks of mega high quality prints, the best souvenir I've ever received, anywhere. I really love this shot from above looking down on these, I may have to frame this, yes, upside down too, the way it was taken.
Living in an Instagram world....
Notice how the word "jacket" (R), shows up in the poster?  I didn't even notice it until after...nice.
This again shows the enormity of these pieces...
The end.