Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Four-Favorite-Famous.....

Is it art or fashion, or both?  (It's just heavenly.)  Yes, I have 10 posts of recent happenings just waiting to be written about - but first....indulge me.  Today, more "art" as I came across some artful portraits I've had in the files of my "four favorite famous men."   
Each is a unique piece of art that I wish I had hanging in my place, the pieces capture the men significantly.  My number one is probably Pierce Brosnan, or Bowie.  Oddly, each is from a different medium; musician, designer and actor(s.)  Did you know that Pierce is also an artist?  Or that Christopher Walken is from Astoria, N.Y.?  Or that Bowie (& Iman live on the L.E.S.) 
Have a look at this art, friends......
Pixel Art, David Bowie by Nicola Felaco, (on canvas)


Alexander McQueen by Burton Machen, recently show at Hionas Gallery (Portraits Project), TirBeCa, NYC

Also from Astoria, NY; Christopher Walken by Grzegorz Domaradzki, I think, forgive me but not sure on correct spelling. I love this one, always have.

Ah, my favorite; Pierce Brosnan,1986 - Photographer unknown, yes, I need to know. Wasn't that cool?!

Tomorrow, all the art photos from Chelsea Gallery Walk this past week and CHANEL CHANEL & more CHANEL, the book exhibit! Come back tomorrow!