Monday, July 9, 2012

Art Bliss, You Still Have Time To Catch: "Friends With Benefits" & "Creative Growth" On The Lower East Side!

A few shots of the scene at Lehmann Maupin Gallery's "Friends With Benefits" show at 201 Chrystie Street, showing until August 10, 2012.  This one is curated by Carla Camazho and Drew Moody, for a list of participating artists and full press release view visit  (I find most people enjoy the photos and quick descriptions (especailly if they couldn't make the event), VS. a lot of uneeded text, therefore I don't post ever. single. detail. Instead, I post the websites.)

Have a glance at the show....
David Antonio Cruz's everythignandthepastrychef, my most favorite piece in the show. See below for all the juicy details....
You must see this piece in person, up close for the full amazing effect.
Heads #14 by Derrick Adams
Another favorite peice, Sebastaian Vallejo's Green Death

On to the "Creative Growth" exhibition at Rachel Uffner Gallery, 47 Orchard, also L.E.S.  This one is organized by Aimee Scally (Deputy Director/Curator at White Columns, NYC), and runs through August 10, 2012 and features ten artists.  “Creative Growth,” an exhibition of ten artists associated with Oakland’s Creative Growth Art Center. Founded in 1974, Creative Growth consists of a studio art program and a gallery that serves and supports mentally, physically, and developmentally disabled adult artists. The organization’s mission is to provide an environment that fosters and encourages the creative process, with the intention that people with disabilities can “gain strength and fulfillment through the visual arts.” 
(Installation views), I especially like the work of John Hiltunen (above/below), as I'm such a big fan of mixed media/collage and, yes, also due to my love of fashion and dogs as well.  It just works. Not much more I could ask for here!)
John Hiltunen, "Untitled," 2012, collage. See his work all above/below....
More installation views.....
And this one via Instagram.....just because.
Judith Scott, "Untitled," mixed media
William Scott, "Untitled (Queen Latifah)," & Untitled (Janet Jackson), acrylic on paper
Visit the gallery and 
To find out more about Creative Growth, their artists and programs visit: