Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hendershot Gallery Presents Second Set of HOT (Affordable!) Prints for Summer!

If you live in NYC and frequent the gallery scene you'll notice there is not as much going on during the summer months.  The artists usually stay and "work," the gallery owner and heavy hitting buyers I'm guessing are on a real vacation, (in the Hampton's.)   Hendershot Gallery is one of the big exceptions as they keep us "art-addicts" going during the hot months.  
Last week, they showcased a second installment to the very popular, recent (Re)Print show and as before, a section of smaller peices sell for well under $100, many for as low at $30.  Most all are a form of silk screen on archival paper with different paints (spray and acrlic), hand died papers, rice papers and inks.)  Stop in to see the MANY new additions to the show and pick up a print today!  
Here is the scene from part two....

Make sure you check out the mega murals in the basement!
Namaste, JOE IURATO, you can see a huge mural of this at Welling Court in Astoria, see my post on that as well....

Cat Eating a Mouse, GAIA

The view of the many small prints for sale, many start at $40!
Untitled by Zero Cents
Mother by Miss Bugs and Dog Man Rides Again by LABRONA
Trouble by Paul Instect
Elements of Everyone by Miss Bugs
The past five above mega-murals located in the basement gallery area, don't miss them.
Hendershot Gallery is located at 195 Chrystie Street, Lower East Side, NYC,
They have great air conditioning too!