Thursday, July 12, 2012

KILLER SHOWS IN CHELSEA! The Ones You Cannot Miss; Art, Fashion & Even Food!

Summers not slowing down the gallery scene in Chelsea. Before you hit the Chelsea galleries mega list this week or tonight for the shows, have a look at the weeks past in the district.  These are a few of the best shows I've seen in, well, I see a lot of great ones, but these take the cake (at Winston Wachter Fine Art, the last post.)  You'll see below, and you'll see cake.  Most of these galleries (Freight & Volume, Mike Weiss & Lyons Wier), should be open for this weeks (Thursdays), showings to catch up. Or, do yourself a summer favor and catch them during the week....if they are not open when you hit the scene this Thursday. Confused? Don't be. I have it all here for you.   
Let's begin, among my favorites...
I just first liked this reflection from one of the galleries.....
LOVE ME TIL IT HURTS from Panni Malekzadeh at Freight & Volume Gallery showing until August 11, 2012.  You'll find details below as you scroll through but more more in depth coverage visit: located at 530 W24th Street in Chelsea.
From the gallery press release:  Panni Malekzadeh makes beautiful, complicated portraits of contemporary Persian women coming of age. What age exactly they are coming into is not entirely clear. The young women she depicts, mostly based on her close friends and family, are clothed in elaborate period costumes, as though they suddenly woke up in a strange land and time, and are seeking clues to clarify their sexual and cultural identity. They appear filled with an abundant mixture of embarrassment, sexual hunger, shame, confusion, delight, and dread. (See the website below for much more.)
All works are oil on line, at least 70x80 for many and done in 2012.
Charm Braclet installation above
Disco & Lucky Lotto, all mixed media pieces by Kelly McCafferty also in the show. Don't miss these as you enter the gallery, awesome creations to say the least!
Something outside the gallery....
Now on to MATERIAL MATTERS Group Exhibition at Lyons Wier Gallery. I caught the last day of this one, luckily but some of the pieces I heard will remain in the gallery.  Visit for more information.
I wanted to take this one home...this by Stephanie Hirsch, you will see all of her works are done with beads and embroidery, stunning! Her words are about hope and and simple text and simple personal mantras.
All of the artists featured in this exhibit have used a variety of common mixed media such as the above, ribbons, discarded clothing, resin and much more to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.
Laura Ortiz Vega's embroidery thread and bees wax on board, this is NOT spray paint, but you have to look close to see that - that is how good this is. The details will blow your mind people!
Vadis Tuner's work done in 2012, ribbon, clothing, textiles and mixed media
Installation views of Vadis Turner and Laura Ortiz Vega
It doesn't get any better than this below... Of course I had to do an Instagram below too.
A couple from GOOD FOR YOU SON from Patrick Lundeen at Mike Weiss Gallershowing until July 28, 2012.  Visit: located at 520 W24th Street in Chelsea.
Scary food....
Over to FLOATING SOULS by Christophe Avella-Bagur at Galerie Richard, located at 514 W. 24th, this one runs through July 21, 2012. You need to see it in person to believe this images.  More info at:
Born in 1968 in Avignon, France, Avella-Bagur's paintings have been extensively exhibited in French museums and art centers, as well as European and Asian art fairs. He has been represented by Galerie Richard since 1992. 
From the press release: Avella-Bagur first began the Floating Souls series in 2005, working in a medium-sized format.  These paintings contained archetypal figures with their eyes closed, in which a “floating soul” was depicted attempting to register with its host. Now the idealized bodies have their eyes open, creating tension and visual complexity between the two faces.  The exhibition is composed of six large portraits: a self-portrait, three small children, a woman breast-feeding her baby and two large charcoal drawings on paper.
Disclaimer: Do not look at the following if you are hungry, trust me. I was, it was a challenge.  It's that captivating. You need to see these in person at Winston Wächter Fine Art, Chelsea again, until August 24, 2012.  First, you may have seen London based artist Slinkachus' concept works of shooting miniatures into real life sets, mainly the recognizable print campaigns for Ben & Jerry’s located in the NY subways. Similar yet different is artist Christopher Boffoli's "Edible Worlds." Boffoli presents miniature figures posed in real food environments, “referencing both a cultural fascination with tiny things as well as an American enthusiasm for excess, especially in the realm of food.”  
These images are popping up everywhere now, so of course you know I'll have them as well...
I almost couldn't believe my eyes with this show, it was just so perfect that I needed to feature almost every single piece.  The technique is flawless and he accomplished every tiny goal he set for himself and the works. Plus, the titles of each are priceless, lots of humor and he makes you want to actually read what you are seeing. You'll have to catch all of them at the gallery to really get the feel of it....

Don't wait to see this one! Visit:Edible Worlds June 21st through August 24, 2012 at Winston Wächter Fine Art NYC. 530 W25th,
Are you ready for the Chelsea or Lower East Side shows tonight?