Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fashion + Art + Bill Cunningham + Mr. Brainwash = One Colorful Summer

Today's News: Who can't get enough of Louis Vuitton + Yayoi Kusama collaboration? Certainly not me, or Bill Cunningham.  And looks, that's one of the Advanced Style ladies, Kristina in the bottom left looking at the window!
This past week  unveiled the exhibition at the Whitney Museum AND at the Louis Vuitton stores in Soho, and this on Fifth Ave. / 57th Street.  As you can see, Bill was out shooting as were tons of art/fashion people and of course, celebs all in line of a piece of the artful fashion.  If you have not been by the stores of windows yet, go!  And, for a unique experience make sure you see the full exhibit at the Whitney,   (Both have fabulous air conditioning too!)
Installation view of Guidepost to the New Space at Pier 45, Hudson River Park, New York, 2012. Photograph by Rich Flood
If you prefer to be outside, take a look at this:  Kusama’s Whitney collaboration at the Hudson River Park! Hudson River Park Trust and Gagosian Gallery presented a special art project near the Whitney Museum’s new building site in the Meatpacking District. Visitors to Pier 45 can enjoy Kusama’s playful and endearing multi-part installation Guidepost to the New Space (2004) throughout the summer. Just keep your kids off of it!

Mr Brainwash to open his first ever London show!
Mr Brainwash, the highly acclaimed pop artist and subject of Banksy's Oscar nominated documentary film 'Exit Through the Gift Shop', is launching an outstanding new show in London during August.
I received this info via artrepublic as they were the first UK gallery to feature his work and we continue to champion his talents.

As proved in 'Exit Through the Gift Shop', when Mr Brainwash puts on a show, it's something you won't want to miss.  (For those of you locals who were at Art Basel recently, you know what I mean!)  The show will comprise giant installations, murals, original fine art and many surprises.
More details including how you could attend the show preview plus special events will follow shortly.
Show Details:
Opens 5th August 2012

The Sorting Office
21-31 New Oxford Street
London WC1

Up next; Any Old Iron's fashion/art/U.K. mix on the L.E.S.,  lots more street art and fashion mixed media by a select group of artists!