Wednesday, July 25, 2012

You Still Have Time To Catch: Highlights From Chelsea Galleries in July!

Before we head off to the Chelsea Art Walk this Thursday (from 5-8 p.m.) let's talk a look at some of the highlights from the past week, or two.  Some of my favorite pieces and galleries are below and although the events have slowed down for summer, the Chelsea Art Walk this week will be in full swing (for those of us who don't have homes in the Hampton's!)
One of my favorites that I will see again as it runs through September 8, 2012 is Bianca Casadys' "Daisy Chain" at Cheim & Read (547 W. 25th St.) Heard of the band Cocorosie?  They are quite amazing and she and her musical partner / sister make up the duo of this experimental, subversive band.  She also appears to be self taught (which I love) and had her first major show in 2007 at Deitch Projects. The catalog featuring her work is available at the gallery (Cheim & Read), I'll be adding it to my collection.  
Touches of her work reminded  me of the Courtney Love show/her work, a couple months back. I'm not critic but the scope of the work, subjects and execution (large white dragging with huge meanings, etc.) sort of drew a parallel for me.  One day I'll put them side by side on the blog, you can decide. Much more art and street findings are below too, I'll stop rambling and on with the show....(that you may have missed.)  See you at the art walk on Thursday the 26th!!

Mixed media above, all different sized pieces mix with this huge room installation. Look close at all of the ornamental details placed perfectly in her display.....
Other pieces of interest...
These taken from the outside the gallery (above.)
Before the next galleries, snapping photos of new street art along the way on 25th  St....
Chelsea door, how I love these.
On to the next ones, "Permanent Collection" at Nancy Margolis Gallery. Artists were asked to select any single piece form the over 15,000 works in the MOMA's permanent collection and create their own version within restricted dimensions.  You can see the huge range of work, many were portraits, sculptures, paintings and approaches range from parody to tribute. A must see in person!
The gallery is located at 523 W. 25th St., the shows runs through August 4, 2012.
On to the big Chelsea Art Walk on Thursday July 26th, need more info? Visit: