Monday, July 23, 2012

Art & Fashion Mix: Carl E. Smith's Free-Flow Fashion Collages!

Can you tell Carl E. Smith was born and raised in Laguna Beach, CA?  I felt a slight "west coast" vibe upon viewing his art/fashion mix, something about the aura of his work hinted such with a light, free flowing movements.   I first noticed him on in which they expressed; "his original fine art works, realized primarily as collages, convey the beauty, excitement, ruin and rebirth of iconic elements from our everyday lives. Using symbol, color and space, he creates explosive images that live between archetypal fantasy and truth. Showcased below are several images from his most recent show, Intra Fashion."  
He lives and works between Laguna Beach and Prague and launched his own design and fine arts project in 2010; CES Design and CES Contemporary.  
I have made Kate Moss my subject matter many times even using this same W Magazine cover below.  (That's a popular one for us artists.)  See a few of my favorites...LOOK CLOSE at the details!

Growing up in Western New York, very close to the Falls makes me love this last image. Of course, you'd never find anyone that stylish unless they came from Toronto. Sorry my people in WNY, you've all wanted to call the fashion police too! Sweatpants aren't fashion.
Visit to see a greater variety of body studies, more magazines, celebrities and images of Prague.