Saturday, July 21, 2012

Art / (T-Shirt) Fashion Mix: Collector Alert! Army Of One's Latest T Hot Off The Press!

Day 2 of the Art T: Famed artist Army Of One is everywhere this summer!  And, so is amazing street art, special mural projects, wheat pastes, spray events, fundraisers, they are endless lately.  T-shirts with art are just as hot in the city and if you have something unique by an artists you will get stopped on the street for more info.   Which, brings us to a recent, "casual lunch hour" at Dorian Grey Gallery.  The backyard was the setting for Army's latest T-design with the help of gallery owner/director Christopher Pusey.  Call Dorian Grey Gallery,, to get your limited edition, HAND "Literally" painted I Army Of One" NY today.  (You can catch Army at Art Hampton's if you happen to be headed that way.)  He and I will also be doing a mixed media-fashion collaboration for fashion week, details soon.)  
Have a look....
Yes, you will want one of these to add to your art collection friends!!