Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Best of The Best Street Art & Old School Graffiti Shows Last Week! Let's Go To Saced Gallery & Mighty Tanaka Shall We....

Take your coffee break now, this post has a-lot of killer art you don't want to miss! Last Friday night was the best for street art shows in Dumbo & Soho, of course I was as sick as a dog but NOTHING was going to keep me from these two!  Let's start in Brooklyn (Dumbo), at Might Tanka Gallery then on to Sacred Gallery in Soho.  First, let's hit Might Tanaka, located at 111 Front Street, 2nd floor/Ste. 224, as Alex Emmart put on an amazing show called "Deep In The Cut" with work of Chris Stain & Joe Iurato. 
IF you love street art like I do, you may recognize these images / artists below... Stain and Iurato have been paired together for a two person gallery shows as they are highly influenced by each others works.  Their art reflects the world around them, again images around us if you look closely throughout the city!  Visit the gallery or go to for more details.  The show runs thru September 7, 2012.
One of the most iconic images! (Above) and of course, via Instagram below because I love it so much.
I need to get one of these, above.
Of course I want to buy this one, it was not in the show but I spotted it in the office area.  I need this on my wall.
NY Coolness on my way to the train for the Sacred Gallery show....and yes, can't get through much without my best pal Mr. Diet Coke.

 Now for Sacred Gallery's  "Who's Got Game" reception.  Here you will see works on MTA maps from all the greats of the 70's, 80's and today like Keith Haring partner from 1978 "streets to galleries to museums" - Angel Ortiz - LA2/LaRoc, LAVA, Army Of One, Python, LA2, KIDLEW, COPE2, RWK, BOM5, Shiro, Indie and many more.  Contact for details on specific pieces of interest, artist and prices.  As you will see below many artists were signing MTA maps, rats - if only I brought mine with me.
The entrance with video screen above...
Legends right here...

Haring inspired...

And again and again - as it's that great...
The MASTER LEGEND of the 70's - LAVA! (above / below)
Signing, tagging and autographing everywhere!
Spotted this while exiting the gallery, as the other half is a tattoo shop....amen to that.  
The show runs thru August 31, 2012 at Sacred Gallery, 424 Broadway (between Canal & Howard.) Do not miss this one! What a great Friday night.....!