Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Images Of The Week: New & Favorite Street Art From The Lower East Side, New NICK WALKER anyone?!

It's been quiet on the gallery scene.  Quiet on the fashion scene. Quiet on the retail/personal shopping scene! Every scene! Everyone is on vacation until the first week in September when the gallery shows kick back in along with fashion week.  And, people show up in the stores and on the streets once again.  I do not get that luxury to vacation, luckily -  otherwise I'd miss an amazing show at Openhouse Gallery in Soho, tomorrow evening.  I'll be reporting on that of course, until then here are the best of best street art scenes from the past week.  Most found on the Lower East Side and Chinatown/Soho. The best thing about summer is the amount of fabulous street art you can find....take a look!  (But I'm still ready for fall!)
Nick Walker!  Love his work, this next to Hendershot Gallery on Chrystie. Main shot (full door), then via the Instagram we all love....More FABULOUS Nick Walker below "Vandal."
From JR's studio, found it in the garbage, thought it could be something imporant but I was told no...but you can see why I was excited IF it was something JR was really working on!
Love my doors!
Dain's beauty strikes again! (Above / Below)
Love my Russell King! These. Are. Everywhere!
Banksy like images by Wattts near Bleecker & Spring.  You really need to look to find this one, I missed it twice....small but mighty!