Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sneaking Around The Tall Buildings.....

Time for street art, as always!   (Some fashion is below, that is well, street art inspired too.)  I love this particular street art figure, why don't I know his name?  I followed him around Art Basel in Miami last December.  Someone, anyone, help me out.  He's out and about around NYC, here he is in Soho....a good zoom captures him.  Notice the scopr of things....he's up pretty high!
Below here he is on the L.E.S., I think off Stanton....but again, up very high!
See what I mean!?

And now he's around the Bowery, near Avalon Apts Bowery in an alley with this other amazing work on the ground. (Artists unknown here too, sadly. Anyone?)
How great is Instagram?
Now for the fashion for today - a great art/fashion mix: this from Moschino in the Meat Packing District.  While visiting the Rag & Bone pre-fall presentation at their showrooms this past week I saw this awesomeness in the window.  I must go in and shoot more.....
Street art high-fashion, next project!  I can do this....
...back to the Bowery area, what a great caption on a fire escape.  That's why this is the best city in the world. I will make this (and other pics I took of it) into prints soon, if you need one.  Why wouldn't you?