Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catching Up On NYC Coolness - Street Art That Makes Our City The Most Colorful In The World!

Catching up on my NY Coolness photos from the past month or two...for whatever reason I didn't post them with other stories, or maybe I did?  Regardless, there are a few things worth seeing....  My "Images of the Week" section will be coming soon where I will post/archive all the simply-cool NYC street sites - and you know me, most will be street art related!  
One of my favorites, Russell King....if you live in the city, you've seen these.

Simon De Pury & Bill Powers, (the back of him) or you can go to Half Gallery to see Bill.  When does Bravo's Work Of Art begin?!  Anyone? 
I love all things Bowie. Everything.
A must have umbrella....
NYC mailboxes and poles, and of course doors, are just much better than any other city. Imagine living in a city with no color on the sidewalks, oh wait, that would be Atlanta, or anywhere in the south. Yikes.
Lower east side restaurant reflection...(above)
Both above in Soho...
Now over to the High Line....JR of course (below)
...and via Instagram
Highline flowers....
JR in Soho above, yep, it's still there!
And you couldn't have been to West Chelsea or the High Line without seeing this masterpeice!

 Now to the LE.S. / E. Village for "Saints of the Lower East Side," you need to go by and see this on East 1st, I think...Joey Ramone front and center as he should be!
I love Miyok, the pill guy below, so very much, and also this other art/museum couple who is all over, who is this? 
Yes, our doors are the best in the country....crazy vs. simple (The Love Child) and more below....
This is perhaps one of my favorite recent doors, or maybe the pic just came out that good?
Easier said than done buddy.  
A.S.V.P here, head to Hendershot Gallery for more!
I'm NOT into the celebrity BS so I love this.
I may have to make a print out of this one.....

More NYC Coolness on the way,
 in NY you see "cool" everyday.