Thursday, October 11, 2012

254 E. 10th Street WAS Art & Cultural History. FUN GALLERY Celebrated - Patti Astor Talk & Historical Book Signing!

AS promised, (a few days late due to technical difficulties), photos from Patti Astor's books signing of FUN GALLERY at Clic Gallery.  The event took place last Saturday night as Patti signed for hours and told stories of days past back at the Gallery, which she cofounded in the East Village.  The book boasts the "real story" on getting started (and flourishing), with the likes of Madonna, Fab Five Freddy, Kenny Scharf (see him below!), Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Maripol, gallery insiders and fancy collectors among many others.  Without Patti and her cutting edge gallery from 1981-1985, this scene would have not happened. She literally bought Haring, Basquiat and dozens more fabulous contemporary and graffiti artists to the forefront.  The "uptowners" actually came downtown to get in on the movement.  Can you image if you bought a Haring from her in oh, say, 1981!?
Have a look at the event and visit Clic Gallery to purchase the book -and history! and visit, here we go....
And look who came out, KENNY SCHARF (yep, I lost it, I was bonkers!)
Sorry about the blur, a little shaky with excitement!
Now go get the book!