Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thank You Andy Warhol. Period. (Iconic Photos & Info From The Exhibit at Benrimon Contemporary & Book by Catherine Johnson...

"What would Andy do?"  I've often asked myself that.  (Most artists have.)  One morning in January 2011, curator Catherine Johnson asked the same question in the midst of a national economic depression that was crippling the art world.  Andy's ethos inspired her (and myself), and out of this came a collective as to what started as a single inquiry, thus resulting in a truly personal biography of the most influential artist of our time.  (Andy has been my favorite artist since I knew what art was, it seems - as an artist as well, I'm certainly not alone!)

To accompany this recent tribute book on Warhol, Catherine Johnson curated a show extracting art from the book and also adding to it: gathering stories about the influence of Warhol could be "lifelong and worldwide project."  She plans to continue recording, observing and documenting the impact of Warhol on the lives and work of others.
The exhibit includes a unique mix of work from artists who contributed to the book, many names you'll recognize if you are a big Warhol fan as well; Bob Colacello, Brigid Berlin, Billy Name, Jerry Schatzberg, Jonas Mekas, Richard Prince, Ryan McGinness, Vik Muniz and Taylor Mead & Try Speegle.  Interviews in this notable book also include Jeffrey Deitch, Sylvia Miles, Liza Minnelli, Simon Doonan and Jamie Warhola to name a few.
(Most of this info is credited to Benrimon Contemporary/press release. See their website below for more info.) 

Andy remembered at St. Patrick's Cathedral, public memorial, early April 1987.

You can find the book on Amazon.com as I beleive it is sold out at the gallery. 
The opening is still on view, but hurry, closing on October 20, 2012. Visit Benrimon Contemporary at 514 W. 24th St., 2nd floor / www.bcontemporary.com.  
Next up, Warhol news from the The Met. http://themetmuseum.org
And....Warhol / NARS makeup collective at Sephora and soon; November 1, 2012 at Bloomingdale's. 
Warhol.  Warhol.  Warhol.  The way I like it.