Thursday, October 25, 2012

Art/Fashion Mix: Halloween Styled Windows at Bloomingdale's, Sort Of....

Artistic direction meets fashion meets television. Get it?It's all here.  Bloomingdale's windows this past month were to promote the ABC series "Once Upon A Time" and more new shows with haunting themes.  They reminded most of us of Halloween, and if they were to also "promote" the holiday they would have succeeded greatly. Yet, they were to familiarize pedestrians with "television."  My only complain is that they did not leave them up long enough to enjoy during the Halloween season.  If you missed them, here's a look....  We can only expect greatness soon for the annual Holiday/Christmas windows, stay tuned!  
(Most fashions found on the 2nd floor, if I knew the window designers names, I'd give credit!)

NEXT: Chelsea art shows and lots of new street art coming up this week!