Thursday, November 22, 2012

WARHOL + NARS = Brilliant Collectors Pieces! (And, Gifts, If You "Really" Like That Person!)

Holiday shopping can wear a person out, well, a normal person. Not I. On my days off, I shop. Or create art (that probably revolves around fashion.)  I love the psychology behind the whole gamut of retail, shopping, products and so on. Nothing is better (for me), than when art and fashion (or makeup) combine to make a special product.  Here's a big one; The Andy Warhol Foundation / NARS collaboration. Sephora had the colorful products first followed by the complete collection at NARS retail stores, Bloomingdale's, Saks and so on.  Saks Fifth Avenue is one of my favorite places to buy this collection as they have EVERYTHING, including a little Warhol/NARS black and silver tote bag I didn't see anywhere else.
Get your pieces now as once this crazy shopping weekend is over, the products will be all but gone. You can give an art/fashion (makeup) mix that will be very appreciated. Here's a look....
Samples from Bloomingdale's Soho, before they were even unpacked! The SILVER FACTORY GIFT SET!  (A hip hang out for the underground icons of Andy's world, everyone was a superstar. 
The Edie Collection (top)
Anything with the Warhol name, I "gobble" up in general (get it? It's Thanksgiving? Gobble?)  The soup cans at Target, etc. and anything else the Foundation happens to put out.  He seems to become more legendary each year, therefore more demand for product. And, yes, I buy into the consumption of Warhol goods no doubt. Happy shopping for your favorite Warhol colors....or save them as a collectors pieces. A good investment!
More Edie...
More everything!
Debbie Harry and two favorite people....
Taken at Sephora...the selection differed at each store
Sephora's window theme; cans of soup, but..lip gloss
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