Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Art Of Comedy" Hits The Streets of Little Italy, Part I !

The New York Comedy Festival was a needed relief for those dealing with the wrath of Sandy in NYC. NEW works graced Little Italy followed by three shows by each artist, Gilf, Hanksy and Ron English.  Raffles were also held to benefit the victims of Sandy.  The events had been postponed from the previous week, we are happy the art is all still in tact and the shows went on only one week later. 
Here's the breakdown; Gilf, Hansky and Ron English all did new paste ups and paintings in Little Italy (we think the location was chosen in a concerted effort to revamp Little Italy's image to be more artsy, we hope), as part of festival, which is a really big deal!  Most comedy shows took place at the famous Caroline's on Broadway. 
Second; last Thursday night the artists held separate shows for a "gallery walk," through Soho and L.E.S. Third; the artists hung works at Caroline's as dozens of the world best comedians performed throughout the week.  Get all that?  

View street art from each, followed by the photos from Gilf's show at Galerie Swanstrom and Hanksy's "Young Puns 2: Now With More Pun" at Krause Gallery, (info on each gallery below.)
Tomorrow, Part II will feature the Ron English show at Opera Gallery, who did his first mural on the streets of NYC in 25 years, see the green man below.  The art is still up and hanging in there from Sandy on mainly Mulberry and Mott area streets. 

As mentioned, this is Ron English's first NYC mural in 25 years, it's gigantic!
Both above, Gilf!
HANKSY above and below, with more pun!

Found! An A.S.V.P mural in Chinatown too....
A look at Gilf's show at Galerie Swanstrom, 136 Sullivan Street in Soho....
My favorite Gilf!
I'm not.
On to Hanksy's show, Krause Gallery, 149 Orchard, L.E.S, this one runs through November 28, 2012....
If you were one of the first 35 patrons a Hanksy t-shirt was the prize, I was #1, and I'm never early for anything....
You've seen these around Freeman's Alley, right?

The Hanksy show will run through November 28, 2012. For more info visit: www.krausegallery.com
Catch Part II tomorrow with Ron English's show at Opera Gallery!