Friday, December 28, 2012

Skull Stye At Art Basel!

If you've ever read this blog you know I love skulls.  Wait! I mean "well done, well crafted skulls - not just any 'ol skull"  (and, not the cheesy teenage skulls. Understand?)   I shoot tons of photos of skull art continuously that I find inspiring.  I love to see how artists represent, thus, this post from Art Basel.  (I also work for a designer in which "skulls" are their select trademark so to speak, much like McQueen (but not quite as expensive.)  

According to the the book "Skull Style Skulls In Contemporary Design" curated by Patrice Farameh, the definition of a skull is as follows:  1;The bone and the brain, etc. the formal definition... 2;Historical picture representing death or danger... 3;Informal the head: regarding as the center of knowledge and understanding... 4;Derogatory;  the head regarded as the mind or intelligence.  

I like 3 and 4, the first is obvious. Death and danger, eh...I prefer knowledge and understanding!  Have a look at the Art Basel pics, skull style....below a mega 8" silver, metal piece at the entrance of The Catalina Hotel for the INK show.
Street art skull style at Wynwood Walls
All above, featured at Scope & Pulse
Peter Tunney's new skulls on old album covers, megs piece above, individuals below...
Skulls at Avant Gallery, above / below...
Alec Monolopy above / below
Above by James Lahey, "You Want To Start Over, mixed media on canvas, 72x48, $24,000.