Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Art Scene Begins! Martha Cooper & PRINT at Woodward Gallery & new LES Pieces!

The 2013 art scene begins with a bang!  Barely a week into the year and I meet one of my art-superheors; the legandary photographer Martha Cooper!  And, hit a huge gallery show, same night - PRINT!  First, the Woodward Gallery launched the 2012 Art Season with a survey of different achievements of printed technique as catalyst in artwork.  Martha Cooper was there.  I met her, spoke with her and shot these quick photos.  I was in awe.  Who is Martha Cooper?  Seriously?  (And you say you love photography and art!?)  Martha is a mega famous photojournalist best known for her endless work photographing the graffiti artists of the 70's and 80's.    
The artists all trusted in her work, allowing her into their inner circle; late nights paintings the trains, buildings and everything in between.  Dondi, Blade, the list goes on.  She showed up at Woodward to see what the latest and greatest artists are doing these days. And, I shoot these simple photos.

The exhibit features blueprint, newsprint, xerox, lithography, screenprinting, woodtype, monotype, giclee, etching and other methods by a variety of artists.  Big names included Gaia, Swoon, Army Of One, El Celso Mel Ramos, Stikmann and many of the greats such as Warhol, Basquiat, Paul Gauguin, Gerhard Richter, Rauschenberg, David Hockney, Sol LeWitt, Keith Haring and many, many more.  
Army of One with Martha
Martha figuring out Instagram on her cell, artist Adam Dare
Adam Dare & SinXero
Piece by Army Of One
Gaia's "Carrier Pigeon"
Swoon's "Girl"
Martha photographing the guys via Instagram
You have until February 22, 2013 to see this event.  Visit the gallery at 133 Eldridge and/or www.woodwardgallery.net

Random street art coolness from the Lower East Side...
 Grand & Wooster, one of my favorite long standing mural sections; Fairey on one end and look close OptimoNYC all the way on the right...
 Icy and Sot
New Russell King pieces in Soho, above News Box/Village Voice, below another great one on Wooster.