Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back In The Studio - Art/Fashion Newsstand Inspirations - & Tons More Today!

It's "back to the studio time" for me after working a great deal over the holidays.  And, from seasons past, I'm still on the art/fashion "Fashion Newsstand" series (since 2009) visit: I have, and received, never-ending inspiration from this "theme," here are a few peices that I especially found again, "inspiring."  Below, some last minute art from Basel with Derek Gores, Dain, and art/fashion  collaboration of Clover Canyon/Alexandra Grant from SCOOP Miami Beach, and back to NYC galleries.  A lot to look at for sure...and lots of catching up to do.  I'll be in the studio today, it's about time!
A collectors item for me, W December issue - all about the art/fashion mix!

Artist Derek Gores, TORN" show at Basel with a huge exhibit at Select Fair, visit:  An amazing art/fashion mix, more on his work later!

Art/fashion inspiration from SCOOP Shore Club in Miami Beach as they presented Alexandra Grant's Clover Canyon Collaboration.
Grant wearing her incredible designs

Constant inspiration - NYC artist DAIN...

More loves from Basel, Twiggy, art/fashion hero of the 60's.

I cannot find this artists' info anywhere but there was a FREE, yes, really free magazine box at Basel on N. Miami Ave. and the mixed media pieces inside were complimentary.  The gallery owner let me take three, heavenly!

Eva Lake from Frosch & Portman Gallery, LES, NYC (Above and two below, same gallery, artist unknown) but it's awesome mixed media fashion style.
One last piece from Basel, it's hard to see in this photo but the content was plentiful and very well done.