Thursday, February 28, 2013

Aussie Artist Johnny Romeo Rocks Porter Contemporary With "Grindhouse!"

What comes to mind when you hear the word "Grindhouse?" A Tarantino movie?  That's the image I immediately conjure up, like most people, right?  Acclaimed Australian artist Johnny Romeo nails it through his tough, colorful, pop-contemporary, acclaimed art works.  He describes his latest exhibition "Grindhouse" as a "napalmed-drenched love letter to the cinema and further describes his works as a celebration of sex, drugs and rock n' roll."  That is what we saw and loved at Porter Contemporary last week as they presented Romeo's killer-debut solo show in the states.
Romeo's rich colors, strong lines and true grit show his vivid aesthetic that's capturing worldwide attention.  He's represented by galleries in Australia and New Zealand and is now making his mark on NYC.
Johnny Romeo and Jessica Porter
"Romeo's pop-savvy approach lends the series an air of witty nostalgia in this tongue-in-cheek examination of the grim world of Grindhouse," says Jessica L. Porter, Founder and Director of Porter Contemporary.  
The artist by his signature piece, and my favorite!
It was an honor to meet Romeo and talk with him about his latest pieces and collaborative work with the band Blink-182. (You can see more of that on his website listed below.)  
   GQ magazine describes his art as "punk and pop, rock n' roll graffiti."
Another favorite artist represented by Porter; Jason Bryant
You can't miss this one, trust me - again. The vibrant colors alone will perk up your winter!
 Romeo's exhibition runs through March 30, 2013 and the gallery is located in Chelsea at 548 W28th.