Monday, February 25, 2013

The Amazing, Dazzling World of OLEK! JLG Presents Her 2nd Solo Show Spectacle!

Upon entering the building of the Jonathan LeVine Gallery this past Saturday evening, you knew you were in for a spectacle - and it was much more than I could have imagined.  Once you were greeted by this flag bearer (below), then exiting off the elevator manned by an OLEK servant in pink, purple and gold, you stepped into another world; the world of OLEK.  Welcome to her second solo show at the gallery; "The End Is Far."  
My words cannot describe all that was going on and the elaborate detailing of each piece of art, in each room, (especially the installation room and the swing), you simply need to head over to the gallery and see for yourself.   
You've seen her crochet, camouflage patterned work covering a variety of objects such as shopping carts, parking meters, bikes, the Wall Street bull and much more around the streets of NYC.  Now, you can see a super pristine close up of the yarn bombing, crafter/artists solo exhibition...

The panels....more below.
Polish born, (1978), New York based artist OLEK (below), has shown in galleries and museums worldwide and been featured in the NY Times, Village Voice, Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, NBC...and you get it, the list goes on.  Her latest show at the gallery features new multi-layered crocheted sculptures and panels inspired by events that transpired in the past year in her life.  Themes of freedom, justice, feminine power, boxing gloves, skulls (lots!), and horseshoes adorn the many works of mixed media art.
The artist, OLEK above.
Step into the installation room - you'll see many of these photos here, this masterpiece room, not wall, full ROOM, contains a dining table set with china, fruit bowls, skulls and wine bottles with female performers throughout the opening night.  The photos don't do the scene justice, again, you must see this in the less crowded gallery setting.  The detailing is endless and truly inspirational.

Performance artist on the swing....
Also on view, Parra (below), with his show "Tracy Had A Hard Sunday," another one not to miss, paintings, drawings and sculpture, both conveniently in the same gallery.

Going down....and some wolves entering upon my exit.  
Very fitting.  
The gallery is located at 529 W20th St. 9th floor, visit www.jonathanlevinegallery for more info.  The shows will be on display until March 23, 2013.  You've got plenty of time, now go, you'll thank me later!  Also visit:  - All about OLEK