Friday, February 8, 2013

The Artistic Brilliance of HOW & NOSM at Jonathan Levine's Pop Up Gallery, SEE THIS SHOW!

Last weekend the NYC art scene was treated to an amazing, gigantic, graffiti art show as The Perre twins aka How & Nosm took over a pop-up space at Jonathan LeVine Gallery located at 557 W23rd Street.  The European artists, twins, born in 1975 in the Basque region of San Sebastain, Spain who have resided in NYC since 1999 presented their debut solo show to a crowd of hundreds, or more!                               
How & Nosm (Raoul and Davide Perre) work collaboratively as graffiti muralists who have painted in over 60 countries around the world.  There is even a book, of course, entitled "HOW & NOSM; The Brazil Dairies," published in 2011, documenting hundreds of murals created in Rio over the years.  

You've seen their work, and it's easily recognizable. Their signature black, white and red" intricate patterns, stark line worked and stylized forms allow the clarity of the message conveyed come to the fore.  The half block long mural on Houston and Bowery streets in lower Manhattan (Soho), can be seen from a great distance.  Their piece, entitled "The Day After" was completed immediately following Hurricane Sandy and will remain on view through March 2013. It includes a tribute to the late Tony Goldman, owner of the wall and patron of the arts.  He was a huge supporter of street art and graffiti revitalizing NYC and Miami, in particular the Wynwood Arts District.
Visit the huge pop up gallery through February 23, 2013, and plan to spend a couple hours, there's ALOT to see!  And, not just paintings but mega installations in a variety of mediums; birds - a reoccurring subject, raindrops, themes of war, desperation, and survival, landscapes and intricate details in the "black, white and red."  I can't even begin to explain all there is to see and the details, so check out the post and visit the gallery before it's too late, you'll thank me later.
I didn't get one of the first 100 spray cans, but at least they signed my gallery-card!
One of the twins, uh, not sure which one, talk about "identical!"
Now for a few photos that I went back to take on an off can actually see the art now!

This pop up gallery can be seen thru February 23, 2013 at the galleries alternative location, 557 W23rd St., & visit