Thursday, February 7, 2013

Art / Fashion Mix FIx! Hooper Turner at Frosch & Portmann Inspires Us!

As NYFW (New York Fashion Week) begins, and the art fairs approach in the next month, the art of Hooper Turner seemed perfect to feature NOW.  Of course, his killer show/opening took place last week at  Frosch & Portmann Gallery at 53 Stanton Street, L.E.S. and runs thru March 10, 2013.  Be it fashion week or the art fairs, this show will definitly get you in the mood for your "art/fashion mix fix."
The gracious Eva Frosch will guide you through the quaint gallery explaining more about Turner's work and process.  I spoke with Hooper Turner as well and was able to get one of his collective books, "Mine Not Mine" so I can look at his work anytime!  The inspriations for me are endless as he combines the pages of fashion and art magazines into beautiful works of different sizes, shapes and mixed media techniques.
Hooper Turner
Turner has shown galleries from Paris to all over California, New York, Atlanta and the south and resides in Queens.  For more info visit, www.hooperturner.comand make sure you go to the gallery as you'll want to see these in person.
Images from the "Fashion Ads" series.
They are all my favorites but I immediately gravitated to the Prada "Fashion Ads," on his website (link above, you can see more plus many other works and subject matter, all beautiful.) And, you will want to own one if you love the art/fashion mix as I do.

Close up...
Many referneces from art magazines as well with TYPEFORMS layered on top.
Dogs love art too!
Recap; visit the gallery at 53 Stanton Street, Lower East Side,