Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tatty Devine Dazzles at Patricia Field - Design Duo Brings Fresh Art/Fashion Jewelry To NYC!

Fun, fun fun! British jewelry designers Tatty Devine tackles NYC for two weeks as they present their standout pieces and book release in the states, welcome ladies! First stop; Patricia Field on Bowery, the most perfect setting, (see the party right here!) Tatty Devine is an independent company that designs and manufactures all original pieces in the UK. They've come to NYC to host three events, the first was Saturday evening at Pat Field, you'll see the plethora of photos along with the remaining two events listed at the bottom of the post. The power-cool team is made up of Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden, who founded Tatty Devine in 1999 and continue to run the operation from a studio in London’s East End, where it all started.

Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden

"We like to make jewelry that blurs the boundaries between art, fashion and culture."   That what Art & Fashion Salon is all about and why I couldn't wait to meet them in person. I was also thrilled to meet Sonja Todd, Tatty Devine Marketing Manager, getting a bit of insight to the ladies plans for the big apple!
Buy the book!  "How To Make Jewelry" out now.  See below for all the details and join the upcoming workshop this Wednesday!

Do you love buying totally unique pieces from The House of Field as I do? Then here you go. The pieces are all original designs from scratch, and almost all of their jewellery is made by hand in Tatty Devine's own workshops in London and Kent. The pieces are colourful, confident, and have something to say. Anybody can wear Tatty Devine, they take inspiration from everywhere and believe life - and jewelry - should be fun!

There are two Tatty Devine stores in the UK, or you can purchase online, but word is a location will be opening in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this year! There are also around 300 Tatty Devine stockists worldwide. Find your nearest here.

Tatty Devines' most  recognisable pieces are the personalised perspex Name Necklace in 30 colors. Anyone can create a necklace with any name or word on it, as I plan to, with, you guessed it, a little skull charm affixed to it.  They are most famous for our perspex jewelry, but you'll also discover pieces made from fabric, wood, leather, veneer and enamel.
"We love to collaborate with other creative people, especially in art, music or fashion. We've worked with avant-garde girl group Chicks on Speed, British fashion designers like Louise Gray and Peter Jensen, artists including Rob Ryan and Gilbert & George, and we've also produced exclusive pieces for Tate, the Victoria & Albert Museum and Selfridges."
Who loves Tatty Devine?  Have a look...
Gem Lobster necklace on Will (left)
Tough to see, but the Blondie necklace (above) is awesome, my flash is not
More Fields favorites (above/below)
More of what The House Of Field is knows for....
DJ Jermaine playing a sweet variety of 80's alternative, pop and punk. When you hear old Siouxsie, M., and Bowie together, you know it's going to be allright....
Event #2 - Book launch & workshop; Powerhouse Arena, Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2013 from 7-9 p.m. If you would like to join the workshop, you must purchase a book that evening at Powerhouse, 37 Main Street, Dumbo/Brooklyn, visit

Event #3 - "Be Our Valentine" BUST Party at Bar Matchless, Williamsburg, Brooklyn - Thursday, February 7, 2013 from 9 p.m. - ? Visit

Tatty Devine is motivated by fun! Get your original piece from Harriet and Rosie here and learn more about the design duo at

Stay tuned for more art & fashion photos from the Powerhouse event this week, see what piece I make!