Thursday, May 2, 2013

Feel Groovy With Shag & Jim Houser At Jonathan LeVine Gallery - Hurry, Closing Saturday!

You still have a few days to catch Josh Agle (Shag), at his fourth solo "Thursday's Girl" show as well as Jim Houser's "Search Party" at Jonathan LeVine Gallery.  You'll feel a bit 60's inspired here as the mid-century modern design aesthetic captures you with color, fine details and crisp lines throughout.   The series of paintings by Shag was inspired by "All Tomorrows Parties," the classic Velvet Underground song in which lyrics written by Lou Reed spoke to New York's downtown art scene found in places such as Warhol's Factory.  
As the gallery explains; "themes of fame, celebrity, excess and youth" appear in the works.  You'll see Warhol of course and the Velvet's records scattered about.  Have a look at the sleek, colorful exhibit below and head over the the gallery before both shows close on Saturday, May 4, 2013.
Now view below  Jim Houser's "Search Party," a series of eight new works and a site-specific installation, this his his fourth solo show as well.  The two artists compliment each other  well with fine colors and detail that to me, feel a bit 60's inspired (even though I didn't witness the era, I'm glad to have artists who bring the influence!)  For more info on his work visit the gallery, information below.
Both shows can be seen until May 4, 2013 at 529 West 20th St., 9E, in Chelsea and visit