Monday, May 13, 2013

The Hole NYC's BAM Art Auction & XSTRACTION: Highlighting Emerging To Established!

Two stellar events took place at The Hole NYC Gallery during the past month, one; the BAM Exhibit & Silent Auction and second; XSTRACTIONHolton Rower. 
Cindy Sherman (left)
Mid-April began the first exhibition that held an opening and closing auction party where bids were placed in the gallery and on-line, down to the last second.  The benefits honorary chairs were Cindy Sherman, Beth Rudin DeWoody and Kathy Grayson and close to one hundred famous artists contributed works.  Among my favorites, you'll see below, of course the well under priced Marilyn Minter, Jose Parla, KAWS and Cindy Sherman.  The benefit was for BAMart, Brooklyn Art Museum - and powered by Paddle 8  Have a look at the art and closing auction party....
KAWS (middle)
Marilyn Minter
Holton Rower

The auction closing party, bidding down to the minute....

Jump to May 3, 2013 where The Hole featured the show XSTRACTION (main gallery), and a separate room show by Holton Rower entitled "Pour Paintings: Focus Paintings."   XSTRACTION is major show exhibiting new approaches in abstract painting. including some art legends in the field, some "overlooked" older artists, some completely unknown younger artists and many of the most exciting and emerging and established artists in the game.  In the second room, Rower featured his usual, brilliant larger than life pieces - just as vibrant and interesting than his last showing at the gallery. The room(s) were packed, the crowd mesmerized as always by his pieces.   Here, a few of my favorites and a look at the scene last week both from XSTRACTION and Rower....
You can view this exhibit until June 20, 2013 located at 312 Bowery.  Contact them with art inquiries at