Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take Your Skin Off With ELLE DEADSEX!

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite street artists, ELLE Deadsex as she had her first solo show entitled "Take Your Skin Off" at The City Don't Sleep in Brooklyn.  Luckily, I arrived early to get decent photos of the art before the massive crowd arrived.  Her series featured paintings with resin, metallic prints, screen printed posters, photographs, a video installation and t-shirts of her brand.  (My purchase was a one of a kind black on black glittered ELLE print and rare photograph I will treasure.)
If you live in New York City especially, you may have seen her iconic ELLE pieces decorating our streets but her message runs much deeper; her "tattoo girls" serve as protectors of the walls in which they live and are soulful guardians of all women.   Although her show has been taken down already, you can see a "larger than life" example of the tattoo girls now at the Centrefuge Public Art (@centerfugepublicartproject / instagram), Project trailers on E. 2nd / Second Ave., steps above Houston Street and by visiting her site listed below.  
Men seem to dominate the graffiti scene but ELLE's message  is about empowering strong, fierce women with energy and strength.  As I spoke with ELLE and discussed a possible mixed media collaboration of painting and photography,  our goal is clear and our message will all be about "girl / women power" for certain.   "What is really beautiful vs. warped imagery" pushed by society and media will be explored to the fullest in art and fashion, stay tuned for that!  There are tons of graffiti and street artists writing their names around the city, next time you see ELLE's name you'll now a touch of whats behind her significant message.  
DJ Cat King rocking the show....
Mary & Yoshi Papers, Dogs love art too...
Artist Sucklord (right)
The City Don't Sleep is located at 410 Broadway in Brooklyn, NY where you can find ELLE's branded t-shirts as permanent collection. 
They also feature high end sneakers, independent clothing lines and art by popular street artists, and they are always looking to showcase new and upcoming talents in their venue.   To learn more about ELLE's work or purchase contact and follow: 
Facebook: ELLE Deadsex  
Twitter: ELLE_ELLE_  /  Instagram: @ELLE_deadsex
email: ELLE.deadSexicon@gmail.com 
www.thecitydontsleep.com / info@thecitydontsleep
Killer music: Cat King @catking_duh