Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fashion & Fantasy; Model Turned Photographer; Staley Wise Gallery Presents Ellen von Unwerth

Earlier this week Staley Wise Gallery in Soho featured a packed exhibit of model turned photographer, Elle von Unwerth.  In this show entitled "Playdate" of mainly black and white photographs, she featured a parade of girls running the gamut from nice to naughty, as is in most of her works.   The themes are consistent of girls having fun, fetishistic and romantic combined with fashion and fantasy.  Born in Germany in the mid-1950's she worked as a model for many years and has appeared in all the major fashion magazines.  Later, she turned to photography (mainly women in fashion), and has been widely publicized in magazines such as  Interview, Vanity Fair, Vogue, British Vogue and Bazaar to name a few.  Von Unwerth also has published half a dozen books of her photography; a Olga, Revenge, Couples are just a few and can be found on  If you are a fan of fashion and edgy photography, see the show which will run through July 12, 2013.  Meanwhile, have a look at the event....
Disclaimer! I am NOT a fan of this woman above in any way, however, it's a great photo, as expected.  I just wish it wasn't the premise for the show.
Visit: at 560 Broadway, 3rd Fl., in Soho.