Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Street Art Saved My Life - 2013 Bushwick Collective Block Party!

If you didn't make it to the Bushwick Collective Open Studios & Block Party and open studios this past weekend, you can get a look here at an array of recent street art and happenings.  The event will become an annual event along with artists opening up their studios to the public throughout the area.  Although I was only able to make it on Sunday, here is a bit of what caught my eye... 

Beau Stanton at work, www.beaustanton.com

French artist FKDL's finished glamour piece...
George Colon & James Rodriguez, (James painted the Bushwick mural, (half of which seen here, the other half blocked by the drink line)

 Alice Mizrahi (above/below)
Everyone got a shot of this doll hanging around in different spots all weekend, hmmm - who had the best. None of this sounds right!
Bushwick beach....
Icy & Sot (top)
No block party is complete without free water-boarding!  (Yes, a big line for this.)
Art at the Morgan stop

The Yok & Sheryo (above)
Lady Aiko, Elle Deadsex & Sheryo 
Make art and have a nice day!