Sunday, June 16, 2013

Indulge Your Appetite With Christopher Boffoli's Fine Art Photography!

Winston Wachter Fine Art in Chelsea recently held an exhibit and book signing for Christopher Boffoli's second show entitled "Portion Control" to a very captive audience.  The book entitled "Big Appetites" features all new work form  his continuing series in which miniature figurines are set against a landscape of real food in surprising and often humorous scenarios.
For nearly a decade Boffoli has been staging and photographing these surreal scenes discovering new ways to subvert the viewer's expectations. You'll see all kinds of candy, desserts, drinks, ice cream bars, pea, cereal, vegetables, the works - and more, all with titles of biting satire in the tradition of Jonathan Swift to create socio-political awareness of the complexity of our food system.  The captions by each page describing the piece and it's existence are hysterical!  His work has been published online and in print in over 90 countries and can be found in galleries across the states and internationally.  
The book is available through the gallery and will be released to the public in the September 2013.  Call Amanda Snyder at Winston Wachter at (212) 225-2718 for details.  

Caption - "Vineyard Vocational Hazards: Fatal accidents during the grape harvest were rare.  But when they did happen, the purple juice stains made an open casket impossible."
The show will run through July 13, 2013, it's another must see, you won't believe your eyes.  Winston Wachter Fine Art, Inc. is located at 530 West 25th Street & &