Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Old School Is New Again With Artist IVORY

One of New York City's innovators of street art is getting back to the basics of paintings modern heroes and icons with a retro pop art technique.  If you don't know him, meet IVORY.  Like many of our street art and graffiti greats he built his reputation at a time when (street) art was on the side of a train rather than the walls of a gallery.  He painted along side of CES, Seen and Cope2 to name a few.  His latest exhibit "Nexus" features screen prints made with the same tools available 50 years ago, using the same Polaroid camera was Andy Warhol did, cubes as flashbulbs and put together an "old school" exhibit.  
This show features portraits of Emily Haines, singer of the band Metric (who I love, they met at Art Basel last year at the SCOPE Miami Pavilion, I was there but sadly missed this!)  The portrait is somewhat of a tribute to the Debbie Harry parallel that Warhol produced so famously.   Another portrait features graffiti legend Lee Quinones, (read all about him here http://leequinones.com), and a Ivory's self portrait and that of his Cadillac, the ultimate American icon. I you love anything old school, street art/graffiti with a Warhol-esque feel, this ones for you.
Don't miss this one, you still have time to see these fabulous pieces as the show runs through June 30, 2013 at Gallery 69, 69 Leonard Street in Tribeca.
For more info visit Ivory on instagram @ivorygram, http://www.nygallery69.com & Culture Shock at www.cultureshockny.com.